Keyword Phrase Small Or Capital Letter In Anchor Text

Basically keyword phrases are clues for Search engines which help them in building links. To build links we usually use small or capital letters in keyword phrases or sometimes we write first letter of each word capital. As it is found  that  search engines receive different links from various keyword phrases. To make very much clear for you the difference between various keyword phrases through which you can easily come to understand that how the Search engines receive the links differently , an example is given to you. As we take the word Search Engines Optimization. It can be written in various sort of styles like:

  • Search Engines Optimization
  • Search engines optimization
  • search engines optimization

Each keyword phrase is able to provide different link to Search engines. After searching each specified keyword phrase, the results we have found shows that Search engine views a minor difference  in all search results. To get contextual links we probably make use of anchor text in small letters as links which are made in small letters are more natural and organic. Using anchor text in versatile style doesn’t affect more whether it is in capital letters or small letters. Little variations may be found in results but it would be better if we mix all versions of anchor text to build links which provide us results with a little bit difference.

All the above we can say that versatile keyword phrases are the most important clues for search engines since using these sort of anchor texts a range of  results are found by Search engines.

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