Cross Domain Duplicate Content Tag Benefits

According to Google’s recent announcement, the cross domain duplication content is allowed.  As valid reasons have been found for duplicating the text across various websites. When Search engines rightly we are talking about Google when confronts with duplicate content it generally index one version and filter the rest out. To avoid, in-site duplication always place appropriate no index statement. The recognition of using canonical tag has been supported by the different Search engines.

Cross domain duplicate content tag benefits

  • rel =”Canonical” is used to suggest a canonical URL on completely different domains. This tag is basically used to create server side-redirections. This element is used to specify the exact URL of the domain preferred for indexing.
  • By placing a single line code at the top of the HTML page, it completely eliminates the content duplicacy.
  • By placing a single tag, it allows the webmasters to tell GoogleBot that the real page exists on another domain.
  • As a result of using this tag the webmasters need not to depend on more complex server-side technologies.
  • Even users need not to be jostled by redirects.
  • The sharp minded webmasters cloaks the page whom the GoogeleBot visits in order to restrict the change to the display of the specific tag that points to the real page exists on another domain.