13 Myths About Hiring Pay Per Click Marketing Companies

Pay-per-click or PPC is an advertising strategy which has been evolving from time to time. But unfortunately, people still practice some of the obsolete techniques which don’t give them the desired results. In fact, many a time, advertisers even lack real data to compliment some of their beliefs as to how the users will connect with their online ads.

If you are still following these same tactics, then these could result in failure and also in overspending on the ad campaigns. People often spend a fortune but still fail to receive the desired results. To help you get the better result and outcome, we have made a list of 13 myths about Pay per click marketing companies which you need to go through. We believe these 13 myths will help you overcome some of the misconceptions.

  1.    If you stay in Number 1 position, it will give you more profit.

Well, this is a myth. Yes, being in the number 1 position may give you a lot of profit, but you will be spending a huge amount of money from your pocket, in fact, more than what you are generating. The number one position, no doubt makes you more visible than your contenders and is also good for the brand image. But, this position often times bring in a lot of “searchers” who are still searching and are not ready to buy. If you start experimenting more with your position, then it will give you a better insight into the right balance where you draw attention and also gives you more profit than the amount you are spending.

  1.    At night no one searches, so keep your account closed

There are many reports available which will help you gain insight into the traffic that you receive during the night and also during the day. This will also tell you the click-through rates. These kinds of analytics will tell you about the hourly conversion rate that you make. You should consider every time zone if you want to achieve good results. Each time zone is necessary because some of your targets may fall under a different time zone. If you keep your accounts closed at night according to your time zone, you could be losing a lot of genuine traffic.

  1.    Use as many keywords as possible

If we go by the theory, if you use a lot of keywords, it may give you a ton of traffic, but it’s not necessary that the traffic is genuine. You should in reality set up the most relevant keywords for the PPC account. If you start using a lot of keywords, it will cost you more and also won’t give you the desired traffic.

  1.    Once PPC is set up, you don’t have to pay attention to it

Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Many companies think that once they insert the keywords, set up the ad and pay money, they can just forget about it. However, that’s not how it works. You have to engage yourself in monitoring, testing, control the bid lowering and increasing, and more. That’s why people often outsource their accounts to pay per click marketing companies because they know how time-consuming it is.

  1.    No content networks required

Content networking can give you extra traffic and leads. You should, in fact, try it, change the settings if necessary and see if it works for you before discarding it completely.

  1.    Click through rates are calculated through quality score only

Yes, a company’s quality score is heavily based on click-through rates, however, it also depends on the quality of the landing page, and a few other factors which Google doesn’t talk about much.

  1.    You should copy your competitors’ ads

We don’t say that it is wrong to go through your competitors’ ads but to entirely copy it is not right as well. This can lead you into some legal issues. Copying the ad will, in fact, cause a lot of confusion and will generate the brand image. You should rather design your ad in a way that the customers feel the necessity to click it.

  1.    Your Pay per click marketing company will increase traffic into your landing page only

This is absolutely not true, pay per click marketing company is here to take care of your PPC account, they work hard on optimizing the PPC landing page, give a recommendation, and more. So, its not about the landing page only.

  1.    PPC is fraud

If you think that pay per click marketing companies are fraud and bring invalid traffic, then let us tell you that search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google are pretty good in tracking the fraudulent traffic.

  1.    Google is the only platform to invest

No, no, not true again. There are other important search engines too. Like Yahoo and Bing, and there are some others too, where you should advertise. In fact, sometimes, Yahoo and Bing work better than Google.

  1.    Google is for the younger generation and Yahoo and Bing is for the older ones

These kinds of theories have been going on around since time immemorial, but this are just concepts and not actual fact.

  1.    Invest more in the keywords to improve your quality score

No, this is a myth. Quality scores are based on many things, like the quality of the landing page, click-through rates, and many more.

  1.    If the keyword is not working, just delete it

Never do that! Again, a huge myth. Yahoo assists you in telling which keyword was used which landed them to your ad, and finally, the conversion happened. We hope that in future we will be able to see a clearer picture regarding the first and last click status. So that we can choose better keywords.

So, these are our 13 myths of Pay per click marketing companies. We hope these points will help you to get rid of some of the major misconceptions regarding them and help you to gain more profit.

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