Using Photoshop In Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the latest professions to those who love arts. It uses computer and some types of software to create designs that are unique, crisp and informative to the customers, thereby increasing the sales of a particular brand. One such software used by graphic designers is photoshop.  Learning techniques to develop one’s skills in graphic designing is very preferred by many people and hence there are more and more people preferring to learn Photoshop as it is a great software which offers a whole lot of things that help in turning a simple image to amusing. So, adding Photoshop to your efforts just makes the whole process and the end result flawless. Learn more here about using Photoshop in graphic designing.

So, what is photoshop and how to use it?

Photoshop is popular software from Adobe used in graphic designing. This software is available on it’s own or along with Adobe’s Creative Suit. It could also include other tools like Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign etc. Like name reads, it is primarily used in editing phots and to enhance the picture. Other tools in Photoshop are used for other purposes. Like Illustrator is used for logos if you like to use vector graphics and InDesign is used for designing layout or posters etc. While there are other tools also that come with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign along with Photoshop are the most commonly used tools.

Once Photoshop is up and working, below are a few things that you can do with any image:

  1. crop the image
  2. Adjust colours
  3. Correct any tears or blemishes
  4. Can apply styles and effects etc. 

Photoshop software is easy to use

Using Photoshop is pretty simple. There are many options available in the tool which can be applied for many different effects which you can learn more here. Like, layers can be used for working on an original image; layer mask can be used for combining images and for editing any colours or the look of the image; text and font can be used for typing any text; vector graphics can be included with the help of Illustrator which can add different shapes and logos to the image. Once the required file is created, it can be saved in PSD format so as to retain the applied effects. In order to share a copy, the new image can be saved as a PDF.

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