Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting As Many Likes On Instagram

The first and the most important thing that is associated with Instagram is likes. There’s no second thought about the fact that people upload pictures on Instagram for those pictures to be liked. Having no likes on your pictures on Instagram totally defeats the purpose of being on Instagram. To begin with, Instagram is pretty much like Facebook. The only difference is Instagram is mostly about photos and videos and less about words. Knowing how important it is to have likes on Instagram, how to get more likes on Instagram is one of the most common questions people would ask. More than knowing how to get more likes on Instagram, it is important to know what is stopping you from getting more likes. Let’s take a look at the factors that lead to lesser number of likes on your pictures than you deserve.


If you have started using Instagram, you have to be very consistent. Regularly uploading pictures means your profile flashes on people’s screen more often. This creates a familiarity which otherwise lacks. If you expect likes despite posting pictures once in a blue moon, it is highly unlikely. So, one of the reasons why in spite of having many followers you don’t get enough likes could be your inconsistency.

Business profiles

If you have had a normal account on Instagram and have then switched to business account, you might have probably faced the “likes” crisis. This is because the business account can get more attention when you pay Instagram for the same. So, it is quite obvious that your business account is left to starve a little so that you decide to pay for the added services.

Low quality pictures

The soul of Instagram is pictures. When you don’t pay attention to the quality of the pictures that you decide to upload, you’d not get much attention. People would want to like what seems visually appealing. If your pictures lack the very basic ingredient and don’t seem pleasing to the eyes, you wouldn’t be able to get the kind of response you expect.

Wrong audience

A person would only like pictures that he or she finds interesting. People have different interests and if the pictures you upload aren’t their area of interest, you would not get likes. This is why, if you are trying hard to get likes, targeting proper audience is important. People generally don’t focus on this.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a relatively new update for Instagram. Just like Facebook and WhatsApp, you can add pictures and videos to your story which disappear after 24 hours. Since people have another way of adding pictures to their profile, it might affect the number of likes you get on a picture that you decide to upload.

These are some of the reasons why people get lesser likes than they expect. Instagram is a social media platform that runs on pictures. If you know these points, you’d be able to take care of your profile and add better pictures that could fetch you more likes.

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