An Overview Of White Label SEO

One of the appealing services for digital marketing agencies. You might be more focused on the website management or service. But it’s not easy to hold customer without SEO. Your focus can be on hiring SEO specialists but that really going to work?

Agencies need to offer SEO services. One thing is to manage customer for online business other part is to attract the right to attract right customer. You probably have a customer that won’t be interested in providing a reach of your business. They might wonder why you can’t provide SEO service and may start looking for other agencies. Clients are more towards getting organic traffic and increasing conversions.

According to research, there are more than 3.5 billion searches per day. This makes SEO more important as it helps in generating organic traffic and increasing conversions. When compared to other search engines Google remains on the top as about 73% of users searches are from there only. When thinking about the number of queries in a day and target customer are searching for the results, you can get a clear idea about organic traffic you are missing.

Agencies consider white label SEO

Agencies can outsource SEO services to the client in the name of their own agency service. You can brand the reports under your company name even if you are outscoring complete project to another agency. White label SEO India is becoming a part of every type of agency from web designing agencies to e-commerce agencies. There is no need for extra manpower so it’s more cost-saving technique as there is no requirement of hiring new employees.

Also, it does not require you to have SEO knowledge. If a client asks for any query regarding SEO then just forward them to white label SEO provider and get their quires solved. Client not even gets to know you solved their problems. The bottom line is client is satisfied and get an answer to all queries. The best part is that when reports are sent, they are under your brand name.

When white label SEO recognizes your current services. The client starts to trust you with your SEO rather than starts looking for other agencies or freelancer. From their side also, they find easier to get managed by one reputed trustworthy agency. Basically, you need to know what you expect from white label SEO providers.

Basic services to expect from your white label SEO

When you are looking for a white label SEO provider you need to be confident about their work. I’m sure your basics about SEO but there is little more you should take care before hiring any agency. You need to check whether your white label SEO provider able to complete the following standards or not.

Keyword research

Starting of every SEO strategy is keyword research, so it is an important step. Before starting for any SEO strategy white label SEO need to conduct keyword research. Searching for keywords that have high search volume, low competition and relatable to the website pages. You need to be sure that they are solely responsible for this step and doing this step perfectly.

On-page SEO audit

This includes analyzing your client’s website deeply and checking out the ability of ranking in Google results. This generally involves technical factors, keyword optimization, and UX. A good white label SEO provider scan through the entire website, find out pages having SEO problems, making a report on basis of priority. This includes a report on the performance of the website and a summary of SEO issues. Audit report should include:

  • Site loading speed
  • Broken links
  • Image optimization
  • Web security
  • Empty meta description and title
  • Migration issue

By observing these factors, you and your agency will get to know what to do in order to improve the client’s website ranking. White label SEO will share every bit of knowledge with you regarding the website and it depends totally o you what you like to share with your client.

Link Building

Link building is a task that is important to perform if you want to improve your ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). Ranking can be increased without backlinking. But this will end to no trust flow, domain, and citation flow. So, there is a requirement for setting campaigns for client’s website in order to do link building.

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