6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Privacy Protection On Domains

Your website domain needs a WHOIS or other type of privacy protection. Without it, your personal information and physical location are in danger. What can you do about it and what are the benefits?

1. It Filters Out the Crazies

Domain privacy protection stops crazy people in their tracks. Spanners, advertisers, and trollers are all trying to get in their advertisements and hate speech all over the web. By filtering out these crazy people, you are making the whole internet a safer place.

2. Trollers and Harassment are Eliminated

Some people will specifically want to attack you or punish you for something they deem offensive. Everyone is offended so easily these days. Cut them off from the beginning by keeping your personal identity and location completely private and off limits.

3. Keep Your Personal Identity (and Location) Hidden

You never know who is doing an identity or personal search for your information as someone can easily download the WHOIS database. Make sure that you are not attached to your beloved website and that your site is not attached to you. This also prevents stalkers or other punishing people from invading your physical life. You don’t give out your home address to all your coworkers. Strangers on the internet should be kept at the same distance or greater.

4. Funnel Contact through the Proper Channels

Sometimes, you may get gifts, ideas, spam, advertisements, or stalkers through improper communication channels. Rather than have your personal information attached to your website, you can filter all communication through a “Contact Us” page. This forces the user to establish legitimate ties with you before they would ever be given such data. It also forces spammers to travel through the same channels as everyone else. You can filter out spam before it ever goes live on your site.

5. Website Ownership can be Disguised

You might own a controversial website. You might talk about controversial things. Do you own a political blog? You wouldn’t want extremists of either group to know where you live. By protecting your domain privacy, you are effectively disguising your website ownership so that even your friends don’t know what site you own. This keeps everyone off your back and prevents personal or physical attacks in the real world.

6. All This for a Low Price

Whether you use WHOIS or some other domain privacy protection, you often get it for an extremely low price. Most of the time, it is around $10 per year, different registrars are even giving it for free. This is extremely helpful, and it virtually eliminates any barrier to not doing this. You can get all the privacy and protection you need, your website will stay safe and at a private location, and you can sit back and relax.

Domain privacy protection is a real thing in our world of high interconnectedness. Keep yourself, your identity, and your privacy all safe with a nice, basic defense system. Your site will also be safer because the owner will not be targeted. Enjoy your protection.

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