What is Google Caffeine, Google Caffeine Tips and Guide

Google Caffeine is a vital development in the Google search engine algorithm that basically ranks the sites on Google’s search. It excludes UI changes and has proved as a major update to Google infrastructure. Usually, the difference is not noticed by the users but the web developers and power searchers have noticed minor differences in search results. Many webmasters from link profile analysis have tested Google Caffeine and ultimately received positive feedback. First, it was tested in one data center and finally sent to other data centers for implementation.

It comprises advantages as compared to the previous one i.e. fast, improved indexing speed, accuracy,  size, comprehensiveness, changes in crawling and indexing can be made, search is moving into real-time, location can be predicted on the basis of IP address and ISP, powerful, flexible and robust for indexing and provides 50 percent fresher results.


  • Fluctuation can’t be done in rankings.
  • To maintain ranking your site should be updated and also keep your site fresh to be crawled by Caffeine.

Google caffeine has made searching and searching results more efficient and reliable. It has accumulated the Predictive Search with more advantages by implementing ‘faster than the speed of type user search experience.