Selecting Keywords To Boost A Website’s Online Profile

When selecting keywords to boost a website’s online profile, brands must ensure that they pick terms that are not only relevant but also popular with searchers.

It said, “no point” in chasing high rankings for terms that no one is looking for. To find the right phrases for a search engine optimization campaign, he recommended using Google AdWords or Keyword suggestion tool to assess and compare the popularity of different terms.

He added that because of the “staggering” number of pages now indexed by the big search engines, it can be worthwhile targeting two and three-word phrases, as attempting to get a first or second-page spot for single keywords is “typically a losing battle”. Most SEO expertise suggests that blogs contain keywords that are effective to get a high rank. For this, it is necessary that do some high-quality guest blog posting that gives you the desired result.

It noted that once a list of core terms has been selected, marketers should ensure their choices are placed at the front of title tags.

“The text within your page title … is given more weight by the search engines than any other text on the page,” he said.

The expert had previously warned against having a content-free splash homepage, as most search engines will rank this part of a site above all others.