Creation Of Good Hyperlink

The concept of creating original content that people can search and find on a search engine is revolutionary and has been around now for quite a while. Many see and believe that online money-making no longer exists for the average Joe and unless you are an internet guru you will have no chance of success even if you buy one of those make-money schemes.

In reality, there is plenty of money to be had on the internet provided you do things correctly and the steps to make sure of this are basic and have not changed for several years. The number one point to consider is to always write original content and never duplicate it on other sites.

Finally do not forget to link back to the main site using the right keywords. On self-hosted sites,, and you will see a little paper clip icon. This icon automatically creates hyperlinks for you. In the URL field simply enter the website address back to the main article on your main site. In the ALT text area enter a 2 – 3 word keyword that people would use to search in a search engine like Yahoo to find your subject matter. Finally, in the Title field enter 2 – 3 words slightly different than the ALT text that people would use to search for your article in similar search engines like Google.