Blogger Outreach Via Other Medias

Well, let us face it that these days the most in thing or the most talked about and done about thing is blog outreach services. Now the most important part of blog outreach services is finding the right bloggers and getting your link from your theme niche.

Now the most sort after and common method of finding blogs is via our favorite one Google. But does this help? Well, now we are at a stage where we would need to look beyond Google. Let us go to Bing to find new blogs and form a communication link with them.

What more media can be exploited well we can try and look into social media for some help on this. Let us find the blog owners on social media sites like Twitter, Google +1 (ahh we are back on Google 🙂 ), Facebook, and communities on different platforms like LinkedIn or via other similar sites. We need to broaden our horizons if we want to find new, authentic, real blog owners and not spammy blogs.

So go out bring your communication skills into use and search for people. Let us for a moment forget the search engines and think about how would find our friend or any such person if for a moment we did not have a search engine or it did not give us the desired results. So go rake your brains, find new ideas and happy blogging.

About Author

Austin K is an outreach expert and influencer relationship manager at Megri Influencer Blogger Outreach who promotor brands, businesses, and website owners through outreach, partnerships, and networking with bloggers, Influencers, and vloggers. He writes on topics on retail, money, travel, wellness, education, and business.