Bing SEO Tips And Guide

Bing is the latest and the newest Search Engine among all SEOs from Microsoft. It has a little bit difference from other engines as it allows us to search for web content and search for content based on category searches. It has made addition to features those are provided by other SEOs. Formally it was promoted as “as decision -engine”.


  • The page title should comprise the key word  that would summarize the contents of your page.
  • Websites with older domains are supported by bing, either if you are developing a new website try to purchase or use an older domain since the older one is already registered.
  • Bing seems to focus more on the relevance of the page title of the page to the contents on the page. Bing usually gives pages with 300-500 word with higher rankings.
  • You should build maximum number of back links to your website as you can. A good link is always better than 100 bad links.
  • Keep your URLs static and simple for easier bookmark and index.
  • To get optimal result it would be better to limit the number of external  links . Like Google Bing does not penalize the rankings if a link to an external page is created.
  • In the main directory always place a “robust.txt” file that allows MSNBot to crawl your site. Crawlers should be prevented from crawling particular files and folders.
  • Web pages designed and coded according to World Wide Web Consortium standard. Well-formed HTML tags and codes are used to design web pages. You can use World Wide Web Validation service to check whether the coding has any unclosed tag or broken link.
  • If a page removed to a new URL location from your website then you need to confirm your visitors with a new web page.
  • Your website pages should not take your visitors to third-party websites because of faulty links.